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  • Li hu, male, han nationality, born in 1986, member of the communist party of China, bachelor of business management, chairman of wenyang international trade group co., LTD., developer and patent owner of wenyang international sand therapy + salt therapy comprehensive healthcare equipment.He is the special guest of CCTV's "beyond" program, the annual leader of Chinese brand innovation in 2017, and the leader of the fourth section of "China national brand influence forum".

    This international trade group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as explored the) headquarters is located in the beautiful chongqing Yubei District food hall road 18, chongqing creative park, is committed to research and development for many years this international sand moxibustion device, this sand salt salt moxibustion therapy integrated equipment, explored the international house, explored the international MaiFan quarry therapy room, explored the international jade space, etc. Series of products, with the advantages of the international patent technology, unique to the reform of traditional sand moxibustion therapy.The company as a representative of the industry to enter the Chinese brand innovation and development project.In January 2018, it was successfully settled in nastak-screen, New York, USA.

    Chairman li hu was a soldier before moving into the "big health" industry.Chairman li hu has served in the army for 12 years, during which he participated in the disaster relief of the 2008 southwest snow and ice disaster, "May 12" wenchuan earthquake disaster relief, he followed the troops in the disaster areas in the first line to participate in the disaster relief.In the process of disaster relief, the fresh life one by one passed away, the human life is so fragile, which had a great impact on him."No matter how rich a person is, if he has no health, he has nothing at all," said chairman li hu.It was this unforgettable experience that led li hu to focus on the health industry.After retiring from the army, after market research, li hu found that today's "big health" industry is developing rapidly, and one of the sand therapy health care therapy attracted his attention.

    Sand therapy is a cultural heritage of uygur nationality and an important part of traditional national medicine in the world.In 2014, li hu was listed as an intangible cultural heritage by the state. In order to better exert the curative effect, he led the high-tech research and development team to make great efforts and innovated the traditional sand therapy. By combining "sand therapy" and "salt therapy", he developed a new integrated health care equipment for sand therapy and salt therapy.At present, the company's main sand moxibustion bed, sand moxibustion + salt treatment comprehensive health care bed, salt room, smart physical therapy lazy people diet bed and other products.The company continues to grow, the company has more than 1500 national franchisees in the country, for the health of customers escort.

    As the company's chairman, li hu promised to the vast number of consumers: "wenyang international adhering to the business development depends on the way of thinking + enthusiasm + ability of business philosophy, to innovation, care, responsibility, gratitude for the purpose, dedicated to customer service.Our products only select the highest quality raw materials from the mineral salt deposited in the Himalayas for billions of years and the formulation of dozens of effective ore polishing formulas.

    The enterprise cannot grow without the efforts of employees and the support of customers.To this end, the chairman of the company to implement humane management."First, the company should give its employees room to learn, improve and exert their abilities.Secondly, the staff and their families to care, so that the staff in the work of a sense of honor and sense of achievement.Only by retaining talents can we embrace the future."

    While achieving success, chairman li hu took an active part in public welfare activities.He led some franchisers and a group of more than 30 people (2017.4.1-4) to come to the maternal and child health hospital of weixian county, hebei province, and donated two wenyang international sand and salt treatment comprehensive health care equipment free of charge.In September 24, 2017, I went to shanxi huozhou tongde hospital to donate three sets of wenyang international sand and salt treatment comprehensive bao-kang equipment for free.Chairman li hu said: "without the support of the public there is no development of the company, the public welfare is the soul of the development of wenyang international company.Through such public welfare activities, all the family members of wenyang international will understand their responsibilities and the direction of efforts.We should not only be a conscientious enterprise, inherit the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, promote scientific and technological innovation, advocate a green and healthy lifestyle, but also be a practitioner of party and national policies.Therefore, we will continue to invest in various charities and public welfare undertakings to give back to the public and society."He called on people from all walks of life to join the big family of loving cause, walk side by side and work hand in hand to deliver health and love to the society.

    All the way the wind and rain, do not forget the original heart.Wisdom such as he, will sand therapy and salt therapy combined, innovation technology to create a way to health;Such as he, decades of integrity, cautious and conscientious study for the country and the people.A large number of bosom reflect tolerance, the heart of love is always in the heart.Chairman li hu will "people-oriented" concept into the enterprise culture, the enterprise development and benefits people together, the heart of the people.We believe that under the leadership of chairman li hu, wenyang international will become the most brilliant pearl in this industry.