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  • This international trade co., LTD. Is a collection, research and development, production, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in international sand moxibustion moxibustion bed, this article explored the international sand + salt salt therapy integrated health care bed, explored the international house, explored the international intelligent physiotherapy lazy bed, etc. Series of products to lose weight.Explored the international global original method, perfect combination therapy and for the first time the superiority of mineral salt aerosol hygiene, implement moxibustion and the synergistic effect of mineral salt therapy in combination, overcome the sand moxibustion on the market at present the health care physical therapy health care physical therapy can only be conducted separately and mineral salt, is a traditional sand therapy a version upgrade, will cause the sand moxibustion salt spa industry new boom.In order to satisfy the growing market demand, this international corporation out of special funds to build a park reception, office and service as one of more than 1000 square meters office building, service to the franchisees.
    This international group has a professional design, r&d, sales, training and service in a body's specialized refers to fight team, in order to better serve the masses of customers. The country has more than 1080 national chain joining trader, explored the international sand salt moxibustion therapy make you healthy, wealth carefree!
    The international business philosophy of wenyang: career development depends on the way of thinking + enthusiasm + ability
    Company management purpose: innovation and care responsibility gratitude
    Company mission: to improve the human health as own duty, spread the green, environmental protection way of health care This international, new sand therapy advocates + salt treatment mode This international global original methods, perfect combination therapy and for the first time the superiority of mineral salt aerosol hygiene, moxibustion and implement sand mineral salt therapy combined with the synergies of inside and outside.
    Wenyang international commitment: our products only select the best quality raw materials:
    - salt bricks made of salt from the Himalayan mountains
    -- - dozens of specific formula sand that is polished by functional ore